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3dnative are currently working on an exciting project to develop interactive virtual reality applications to educate and engage primary school students in health related studies.

The main challenge in developing the VR content was to keep the setup and running of sessions as simple as possible to ensure teachers and students had no complications, setup of new technologies has always been an issue that often resulted in users being turned off.

We initially developed content using Oculus Gear and Samsung 6 devices, we knew new technologies were on the horizon however we were stuck using available technology of the time. For us we could develop content but the setup and configuration of the applications for the client proved time and again to be frustrating. Thank goodness for the Oculus Go!

Although many technology experts are not fans of the Oculus Go mainly due to the limited degrees of movement, however for our project requirements we became fans quickly due to the simple accessibility of the device and minimal setup.

Since moving over to the Oculus Go we have reduced development phases and pilots have resulted in a significant jump in results. So far so good.

We recently configured a kiosk mode so users are launched directly into their App, further reduce the steps required to access localised content.

Students shouldn’t be presented with inappropriate content which can be often presented via the Oculus lounge charts, thus kiosk modes are more of a requirement than just a nice feature when working in an educational environment.

Of course we’ve developed for the Vive and Oculus Rift HMD’s but the Oculus Go has surpassed the accessibility of these powerful giants due to its simplicity and zero need for additional hardware.

When we develop projects for our clients we pride ourselves in being able to easily identify the most appropriate technologies for their needs. In the case of our most recent project, ease of use, cost and scalability are vital to its success.

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